Premium Leaf Teas in Tins & Boxes

Foojoy leaf teas in distinctive square tins are grades above the typical market offerings, and the selection in this line encompasses all major tea categories. Those eager to enjoy a hearty, full-bodied cup should consider our robust Ceylon Black tea, which stands up well to milk & sugar, or our smoky Pinhead Gunpowder Green tea — a solid base for Morroccan Mint. Conversely, Japanese-style steamed teas, Sencha and Genmaicha, or the minimally processed Mutan White tea will satisfy palates seeking a lighter, brisker experience. For those exploring loose whole-leaf options, these teas are a step up from the ordinary.

Our line of leaf teas in boxes is a collection of traditional favorites that offers great value — generously sized and affordably convenient for your daily fix of fine Chinese tea.

Leaf Teas in Square Tins
Keemun Black tin image #3301 Keemun Black | 8.8oz
A tea with superb Keemun aroma.
Yunnan Gold Tip Black tin image #3303 Yunnan Gold Tip Black | 8.8oz
A mellow but full-bodied cup.
English Breakfast Black tin image #3305 English Breakfast Black | 8.8oz
Pure high-grown Ceylon tea.
Lichee Congou Black tin image #3311 Lichee Congou Black | 8.8oz
Naturally flavored with lichee fruit.
Chunmee Green tin image #3321 Chunmee Green | 8.8oz
A fragrant and full-bodied green tea.
Lungching Green tin image #3322 Lungching Green | 8.8oz
An imperial Dragonwell green tea.
Genmaicha Green tin image #3326 Genmaicha Green | 8.8oz
With both roasted and popped rice.
Sencha Green tin image #3328 Sencha Green | 8.8oz
A Japanese style spring green tea.
Summer Jasmine Green tin image #3335 Summer Jasmine Green | 8.8oz
Naturally scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.
Orchid Oolong tin image #3341 Orchid Oolong | 5.3oz
A premium mountain-grown oolong.
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong tin image #3347 Ti Kuan Yin Oolong | 7oz
A classic fired Ti Kuan Yin with bold, assertive flavor.
Mutan White tin image #3353 Mutan White | 3.5oz
"Peony" white mingled with downy, silver tips.
Organic GradesOrganic certifying agencies
Organic Yunnan Black tin image #3302 Organic Yunnan Black | 8.8oz
A brisk, fine-leaf tea with golden tips and full aroma.
Organic Chunmee Green tin image #3329 Organic Chunmee Green | 8.8oz
Slender, twisted leaves brew a good, slightly smoky flavor.
Organic Gunpowder Green tin image #3329 Organic Gunpowder Green | 8.8oz
A strong green tea with leaves tightly rolled into pellets.
Organic Jasmine Green tin image #3333 Organic Jasmine Green | 8.8oz
Fine leaves mingled with tips; excellent jasmine fragrance.
Organic Shui Hsien Oolong tin image #3349 Organic Shui Hsien Oolong | 4.4oz
Robust, thick leaves brew a light amber, easy-to-drink Oolong.
Organic Pu-erh tin image #3351 Organic Pu-erh | 8.8oz
An aged tea very popular in teahouses; gives an earthy brew.
Organic Mutan White tin image #3356 Organic Mutan White | 3.5oz
Silvery buds mingled with green leaves; a toasty golden brew.
Classic Teas in Boxes
Yunnan Tippy Black box image #3903 Yunnan Tippy Black | 8oz
Unique Yunnan fragrance; smooth, strong flavor.
Lichee Congou Black box image #3911 Lichee Congou Black | 8oz
Naturally Scented with sweet lichee fruit.
Young Hyson Green box image #3921 Young Hyson Green | 8oz
Tightly-rolled leaves, full-bodied green.
Dragonwell Lungching Green box image #3922 Dragonwell Lungching Green | 8oz
Famed West Lake green; delicate, sweet flavor.
Extra Gunpowder Green box image #3923 Extra Gunpowder Green | 17.6oz
A strong green with leaves tightly rolled into pellets.
Maofeng Green box image #3925 Maofeng Green | 8oz
A classic spring green; slender leaves, smooth taste.
China Jasmine Green box image #3933 China Jasmine Green | 8oz
Fine green tea naturally scented with fresh jasmine.
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong box image #3942 Ti Kuan Yin Oolong | 8oz
Premium "Goddess of Mercy" oolong with a full fragrance.
China Oolong box image #3946 China Oolong box image | 8oz
A robust Fujian oolong, strong aroma and flavor.
Yunnan Pu-erh box image #3952 Yunnan Pu-erh | 8oz
A rich brew with mellow and earthy flavor.
Aged Yunnan Pu-erh box image #3956 Aged Yunnan Pu-erh | 8oz
A teahouse classic; bold and unique aroma and flavor.
Shoumei White box image #3957 Shoumei White | 7oz
"Longevity Eyebrow" tea; sweet and toasty flavor.